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Nearly New Fautras Provan with trailer aid.


Project Description

2015 Fautras Provan with trailer aid loading system
£6,700 inc VAT

Trailer specifications
Unladen weight – 750kg
Maximum towing weight – 2000kg
Length interior – 3.05m
Length exterior – 4.27m
Width interior – 1.63m
Width exterior – 2.20m
Height interior – 2.25m
Height exterior – 2.65m

The step-in trailer has a patented, graduated floor – it’s widely acknowledged in most other countries that horses load much happier without a ramp – which helps to eliminate loading risks. This floor also comes with a LIFETIME guarantee as it’s totally rot-proof; meaning that yet another horse won’t become a statistic and a victim of a failed floor.

Some of the amazing features include:
The patented Load-Aid system – from the front of the trailer, a lever is pulled which silently swings a padded breach bar behind the horses bottom, making sure he’s securely in place.

Immediate-release (two-position) breast bars – a vertical force on the bars will activate the release eliminating the worry of yet another horse stuck over the breast bar.

A practical, light-weight design – can be towed by a mid-sized car; doing away with costly 4×4’s.

Fabulous independent, maintenance-free suspension on each wheel (with in-built stability control) – amazingly comfy for the travelling horse, effortless to tow for the driver.

The patented partitions have a ‘give’ to make sure the horse feels secure, but not locked in.

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