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Fautras Oblic + 4 horse trailer.


Project Description

Fautras Oblic + 4

a fantastic 4 horse trailer, in good condition.

2008 4 horse trailer.

4 horses stand herringbone across the trailer.

Can also be used as a carriage trailer to carry horses and your carriage.

versatile partitions mean they can be adjusted to carry, 4 horses, 3 horses or less and a carriage.

separate storage area at the front with saddle racks and bridle hooks.

horses enter from the back and exit out the front or can enter from the back and exit out the back.

a rare opportunity to buy a top quality 4 horse trailer .

Weight unladen 1500kg
Max weight loaded 3500kg giving you 2000kg to play with
Internal length 5.15m
External length 6.36m
Internal width 1.8m
External width 2.36m
Internal height 2.25m
External height 2.73m

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